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Indoor AgTech

The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit focuses on the role of vertical and indoor farming in building sustainable, profitable and healthy food systems, and new opportunities for investment and collaboration.




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1-1 meetings
  • “Having many of the big names of this new and rapidly growing industry together in one place, and approachable, was of great value. Lots of collaborations to come, many thanks to Rethink Events for enabling these relationships to materialise.”

  • "Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit is a great platform to connect with creative minds and inspiring individuals who share a similar passion for transforming the world by producing and delivering sustainable food."

    Senior Communications Manager, PLENTY
  • “Indoor AgTech was a great opportunity to network with some of the largest growers in the industry and see some of the latest technologies that are up and coming. Often times people are too busy to answer emails and schedule calls so it was nice to meet so many people face to face to develop relationships and see if there is any room for collaboration.”

    Founder & President, PHOSPHOLUTIONS

Meet the team

Abigail Ryder
Abigail Ryder
Programme Director

Sophie Brady
Sophie Brady
Business Development Manager - World Agri-Tech & Indoor AgTech Series

Jamie Alexander
Jamie Alexander
Division Manager - Senior Technology Scout

Tate Slyfield
Tate Slyfield
Marketing Executive

Erin Hegarty
Erin Hegarty
Event Manager

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