Pharm Robotics Collaborates with Siemens

Marinus Dijkstra, CEO & Co-Founder, Pharm Robotics

Pharm Robotics has recently announced its partnership with Siemens and is creating a robotic injection system to automate the shot delivery system for dairy farmers. The system, Sureshot, will not only mitigate labour challenges and stresses for dairy farmers but also improve the quality of life and health of cows. As a result of implementing the system, dairy farmers can expect a decrease in labour costs and an increase in herd profitability. Siemens will play an integral role in helping to develop Sureshot, bring Pharm Robotics’ product to market, and help market the product to dairy farmers globally.

With two weeks to go until the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on September 14, Pharm Robotics, will be showcasing their technology solution in the Animal Health Start-Up Showcase with Co-Founder & CFO, Alika Chuck. Ahead of the summit, we spoke to Marinus Dijkstra, CEO and Co-Founder of Pharm Robotics.

What is the ‘strapline’ for the Sureshot technology, why is this solution so important for the industry?
Sureshot eliminates the stressful and demanding labour component of the shot delivery process and increases shot compliance so that all cows accurately receive their full required schedule of vaccines or reproductive products. No longer do dairy farmers have to worry about the high turnover of employees who often are not 100% accurate when administering shots and sometimes miss cows entirely. Sureshot also automates the recording of which shots are given to each individual cow, where that data can instantaneously be monitored by the dairy farmer. Farmers will then be able to spend more of their time attending to other important areas within their operations as both the shot delivery and the data management will be automated.

What tangible benefits does the partnership with Siemens have for the Sureshot technology and Pharm Robotics? How will this have an impact going forward in the short and long term?
We are very excited to be working with Siemens as they are one of the largest automation and manufacturing companies in the world. They have global recognition and resources to help not only bring our product to market but also expand globally. Siemens has and will continue to help us with the manufacturing of Sureshot, making sure that we are utilizing the highest quality parts and engineers so that we can best serve our customers. Their repetition of high-quality work will also help validate our company’s product as we bring Sureshot to market. Siemens also plans to continue assisting us with our marketing and branding efforts.

Pharm Robotics was founded three years ago in 2017, what has the company journey up until now taught you?
Be patient, be persistent, and don’t give up. If you truly believe in your company’s solution, then keep going and don’t settle.

What advice might you have for an entrepreneur looking to start-up in the animal health technology space?
The most important part of starting your company is assembling the right team of people that are honest, supportive, and believe in the work that you are doing. When building a team, having people that understand the industry is very important in addition to having a team with a diverse background that offers different perspectives in varying aspects of the company’s operation. Additionally, get used to hearing “no” as well as saying “no.” Being an entrepreneur is a journey that requires a lot of hard work, time, and dedication to what you are doing.