Raspberry Ketones and Me

You may recall that I started taking Raspberry Ketones a few months back when I began this work on me, really trying to lose some of the weight I have gained over these last few years of physical crisis. I’m just finishing up my third month with Raspberry Ketones and assessing whether I am really a loser with this product.

Let me refresh your memory about the product, and then we can talk about how it helped or didn’t help me with my weight loss goal. Creative Bioscience was great enough to provide me with a 3 month supply of their Raspberry Ketone 1234 capsules to help me in my weight loss goal. They are super supportive, even providing support through their blog and a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your results. Here is what the Creative BioScience website says about Raspberry Ketones, which is just 1 of the many products they offer:

Natural diet supplements such as Raspberry Ketone 1234 are designed to help block fat formation as part of an ongoing lifestyle change that includes sensible eating and activity. There is no substitute for proper diet and exercise, but on the path to fitness it’s okay to get a little help along the way from the best Mother Nature has to offer.

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When I had herpes for the first time, I just ran to the doctor, and he prescribed Valtrex at low price, which has been helping me since then for several years. The drug dries and kills all bacteria in the first stages, and herpes does not have time to spread its blisters, which is very important.

Now, back to my personal results. I didn’t lose any weight with the Raspberry Ketones, however, that is not a bad thing. I also did not gain one pound, and initially – I did lose weight. When I began the process I lost 11 pounds, because I was eating right and exercising. I had a setback with my health which interfered with my ability to exercise and affected my progress. I am now able to workout, albeit not at full tempo, again. However, during the time when I was unable to work out and not really following a strict diet, I continued taking the Raspberry Ketones. I also sought advice from the Creative Bioscience team. When I started back working out, I didn’t gain one pound and have now lost 7 pounds.

I take my supplements in the morning, have a protein shake or steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and do a short workout before I start my day. I don’t feel hungry until mid-afternoon when I have my lunch. I know that the Raspberry Ketones are helping me maintain my energy and a feeling of satiety throughout my day. I could really tell the difference during the week that I was not taking them when I was ill.

Of course, mine is not a typical review; but it is a good review because life happens. I’m not gonna tell you I lost 80 pounds in 2 months because of Raspberry Ketones – it didn’t happen. This supplement helps me maintain energy, sustain a feeling of fullness between meals. That’s important to me to reach realistic weight loss goals.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, visit Creative Bioscience – they have some great sales going on right now!

Have you used any natural supplements to help maintain or promote your weight loss? What kind and how have they helped? I would love to hear your answers!