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At the recent World Water-Tech North America summit, leading water experts and utility CEOs gathered to discuss global water challenges, strategies for fostering innovation and the principal factors that influence investment decisions.

If you do business in the water sector, this is the only report you need to gain first-hand insight into the key drivers and barriers to accelerating adoption of energy optimised and climate resilient infrastructure.


Key Take-Aways Include:

  • Extremes are the new normal: Leading utilities such as San Francisco, San Diego and New York are facing a new normal of feast/famine and are investing in diversification of supply
  • Direct potable re-use is on the rise: Yet large-scale uptake is challenged by market fragmentation and a lack of cohesive regulation
  • A new energy paradigm: Energy generation, energy efficiency and energy recovery all form part of the new energy paradigm for today’s utilities
  • Become a technology partner: Utilities gain significant value from hosting crucial technology reference sites and partnering with technology developers
  • CFOs are leading the charge: Todays’ CFOs are instrumental in implementing innovation programmes and play a crucial role in investment decisions and energy to support long-term financial security

The World Water-Tech Series will be back in 2017 with two exciting events. Join us in London, February 20-22, 2017 where we take a global look at innovative ways for fostering collaboration and the commercialisation of new technologies. We have teamed up with Aqua Strategy to offer all early bird subscribers a year’s free subscription to Aqua Strategy worth £65!

We will also return to Toronto in November where we will be taking an in-depth look at the most significant opportunities and challenges facing the North American water sector.

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