#FoodTechNews Bitter Blocking Powder to Edible Food Wrapping

So edible food wrapping is going to be a thing… Oh, and a powder can block bitterness in food. As the food-tech industry keeps on building momentum, we picked 5 stories sure to cause some serious food (sorry) for thought!

Scientists Are Using Milk to Make Edible Food Wrappers – eater.com
BLOG IMAGE (5)“That convenient plastic wrapper around your string cheese could soon be edible, thanks to the work of scientists at the USDA. According to a release by the American Chemical Society, a team of chemists have developed a new food safe, biodegradable, and edible film out of a milk protein called casein.”

A Magical Mushroom Powder Blocks Bitterness in Food -wired.com
BLOG IMAGE (9)“I ACTUALLY HATE the taste of mushrooms,” says Josh Hahn, as he flicks on the lights in the clean room. Which is funny, because Hahn’s livelihood depends on fungi.”

5 trends for the dairy industry in the next 5-10 years – forumforthefuture.org
BLOG IMAGE (7) “This is a great time to be innovating in the dairy industry. In order to survive and thrive today, and well into the future, the industry needs to be cognisant of a number of new trends that are likely to impact on the future production and consumption of dairy products.”

Plant protein set to be the next big sweetener -digitaljournal.com
BLOG IMAGE (6)“Sweeteners are a popular alternative to sugar, especially for those dieting. Some sweeteners carry health risks and some don’t quite give the same sugary taste. In a breakthrough, scientists report on a new candidate.”

Can milk come from a banana? Startup catches the wave – miamiherald.com
BLOG IMAGE (8)“Fresh Start Beverage Co. is creating a new category in the milk-alternative industry. “We are the first company to actually make milk from a universally loved fruit — bananas.”

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