New Report from SUEZ on Solutions for the Climate


‘Worldwide, more than 35% of drinking water disappears before it even reaches the users’ taps. On a global scale, estimates claim that more than 49 billion cubic meters of water are lost every year due to ageing pipes”, reveals SUEsuez whitepaperZ in their latest white paper,entitled ‘Our Commitments and Solutions for the Climate’. SUEZ will be addressing these challenges in more detail at the World Water-Tech Investment Summit in just three weeks.

Download the Whitepaper Here

Suez’s Senior Vice President for R&D, Carlos Campos, will join a panel entitled “Dwindling Resources: How do we Create Maximum Value from Used Water?”

SUEZ will also host the networking luncheon on the first day of the summit, providing a chance to network with key business leaders from the international water industry.
With over 60 speakers confirmed and only one stand remaining, the stage is set for the most successful World Water-Tech summit to date.

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